Moto Revere is challenging the Build Train Race program with Royal Enfield

Andrea Lothrop runs Moto Revere, Toronto’s DIY motorcycle space, a job that combines mechanical skill with business acumen, as well as the capability to make a mean cup of coffee. Now, she’s picking up another skill: flat track racing.

It’s part of a new project by Royal Enfield’s marketeers. They’re focusing on the female motorcycling scene, but not through hokey fake camaraderie and T-shirt slogans. Instead, Royal Enfield has put together a program that sees women building bikes, and then racing them.

The Build Train Race program sees women first build a custom flat track bike built around a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Then, they’re trained in flat track racing. Then, they, they’ll actually face off in a race at Atlanta, Georgia’s Dixie Speedway, riding those Royal Enfield machines in an American Flat Track exhibition event on March 28. It should run on NBC Gold, if you have access to that channel.

Cool stuff, and it’s extra-cool that Andrea’s in on it! Her bike build is finished now, and supposed to be picked up today to be trucked down to the US. You can see her with the machine below.


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