Harley-Davidson officially reveals Softail Standard

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A few days back, we told you Harley-Davidson appeared ready to debut a revived version of the Softail Standard. Now, it’s all confirmed, with a MoCo press release spilling the details.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ve seen this machine before; in the 2000s, Harley-Davidson built a Softail Standard around its previous version of the Softail platform. This current edition uses the Project Rushmore chassis, with the Milwaukee Eight 107 V-twin engine.


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In stock form, it’s pretty basic, only available in Vivid Black. ABS is optional. It rolls on a spoked 19-inch front wheel, with 16-inch rear.

In base form, the Standard has a $15,699 MSRP (plus taxes and dealer fees, of course). Harley-Davidson offers four pre-packaged accessory sets for the machine as well, optimizing the machine for touring, day-tripping, relaxed cruising or tire-burning hoonery. More details in the press release below.



Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin Performance and Lean Bobber Style Ready For Customization

(Vaughan, ON) February 26, 2020  The new Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard motorcycle offers the essential Harley-Davidson cruiser experience: a lean bobber profile steeped in attitude, the dynamic performance of the Harley-Davidson Softail chassis, and the unrelenting power of the Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin powertrain. Featuring classic Vivid Black paint and highlighted with gleaming chrome and polished finishes, the Softail Standard model is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle presented in distilled form.

The contrast of black and bright components gives the Softail Standard motorcycle a look that’s both classic and minimalist. Offered only with Vivid Black painted sheet metal, the Softail Standard model is equipped with a solo seat that exposes the chopped rear fender, and a smooth, 3.5-gallon fuel tank that reveals the frame and engine. The powertrain is styled to draw attention to the center of the motorcycle, with an all-black Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine highlighted with polished rocker, primary and timer covers. Cylinder head fins are not highlighted. A center-bolt, round air cleaner cover further exposes the engine. With chrome shields and mufflers the 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhaust enhances the long, low profile of the Softail Standard model.

The steel rims of the classic laced wheels (front 19-inch, rear 16-inch) are finished in brilliant chrome for dazzling style. The front end features clear-coated fork sliders, polished triple-clamps, polished top clamp and riser, and chromed headlamp bezel and turn signals for additional contrast to the Vivid Black paint. The mini-ape handlebar puts riders of the Softail Standard model in a fists-in-the-wind posture with instant attitude. A compact electronic instrument with digital display set in the handlebar riser keeps the front end clean and uncluttered.

The Solid Softail Foundation

The Harley-Davidson Softail chassis give the Softail Standard model a solid foundation. The steel frame is optimized for stiffness and light weight. A rigid-mounted powertrain further enhances chassis stiffness. The Softail swingarm is designed to be stiff for dynamic handling and creates the look of a classic hardtail frame. Mono-shock rear suspension places a coil-over shock with emulsion technology out of sight and under the seat. Suspension pre-load adjustment is accomplished by simply removing the seat to gain access to the shock body, making it easy to dial in the ride and handling for rider weight. Dual bending valve front suspension responds quickly to inputs for enhanced braking and handling performance. Front and rear disc brakes offer confident stopping power. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is optional on the Softail Standard model.

Milwaukee-Eight Power

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine delivers inspiring performance and the look, sound and feel that is classic Harley-Davidson. Dual counter-balancers reduce primary vibration at idle for improved rider comfort. Four valve cylinder heads provide ample airflow while advanced cylinder head design, dual knock sensors, and precision cooling allow a 10.0:1 compression ratio for strong torque output and acceleration. For the rider focused on performance this engine accepts select Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® Stage Upgrade kits.

A Rider’s Blank Canvas

A mid-year addition to the 2020 Harley-Davidson motorcycle line priced at $15,699*, the Softail Standard model offers an attainable entry point to Harley-Davidson Big Twin ownership and is an ideal blank canvas for customization. Whether a starting point for owners seeking attention-grabbing style, increased performance, or a look that amplifies their personality, Harley-Davidson has created four Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories packages designed specifically for the Softail Standard model, and offered at a discounted price when ordered as a package (see package details below).

Four Dedicated Accessory Packages

Four packages of Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories have been created by Harley-Davidson as a customization starting point for the Softail Standard Model. Each represents different custom direction and all components of each package can be ordered by an authorized Harley-Davidson™ dealer using a single part number. (Package price does not include labor for installation by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer)

Day Tripper Custom Package: Combine classic bobber style with next-level versatility by adding a pillion and a 21-inch detachable sissy bar with pad so a passenger can come along for the ride. This package also includes passenger footpegs and mounts, forward foot controls, and a black leather Single-Sided Swingarm Bag designed to hold essentials.

Coast Custom Package: Capture the elements of the performance-oriented, West Coast style. Components include a Softail Quarter Fairing, black anodized aluminum Moto Bar handlebar and matching 5.5-inch tall riser, a Bevel two-up seat and passenger footpegs, and BMX-style foot pegs from the rugged 80GRIT™ Collection.

Touring Custom Package: This package outfits the Softail Standard model for the long haul, with a comfortable Sundowner™ two-up seat and passenger footpegs, a 14-inch-high light smoke quick-release windshield, classic black Detachables saddlebags, and a 14.5-inch detachable sissy bar and backrest pad.

Performance Custom Package: Amplify throttle response and mid-range acceleration with a Screamin’ Eagle® Stage II Torque kit for the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and a Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner to dial it in. Complete the package with a free-flowing Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner and Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon mufflers for a deep-bass exhaust note. It’s a 50-state street legal, factory-engineered performance upgrade that retains the original equipment factory warranty when installed by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.


  1. I am interested in the Bronx but did the math and it is too tall /transformerish for me. Not to mention the price to get it out the door. I just got a left over 2019 SV650A for $6999.00 and total cost out the door is $9100.00. SUZUKI also includes a 5 year warranty and will send me a $500.00 Visa card too. [ total cost now $8600.00 ] Of course it is the one with the red frame and rims. [ A poor mans Ducati he he ] After reading Costas review it ticked off all the boxes for me. I am 57 with a 29 in inseem. Are you paying attention Harley?

  2. If the performance package is 50 state street legal it should come from the factory with it rather than expecting the customer to pay big bucks extra for it. I wouldn’t buy one knowing what it could have been but isn’t.

  3. “The mini-ape handlebar puts riders of the Softail Standard model in a fists-in-the-wind posture with instant attitude.”

    Fists-in-the-wind?……. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…..Who writes this stuff?? “It’s GOLD Jerry, GOLD!!!!”

    How about, “The mini ape hangers place your hands up like a begging puppy and place all the weight of your torso on your tailbone. Combined with short travel suspension, and frost-heaved, potholed Canadian roads you’ll develop a close relationship with your chiropractor. At HD, we’re helping you make friends.”

    Good looking bike though. Not outrageously priced at the base.

  4. $15,699 MSRP!!! You can throw a stick in any city in Canada and find 25 used bikes that look like that for thousands less, owned by Boomers that have been sitting in garages for the majority of their life’s. What are they thinking? The redesigned bikes look great, I’m shocked to say. I thought HD was starting a new chapter in it’s life?

  5. Wow! A ‘new’ HD product that looks, amazingly like… exactly every HD made for the last 5 decades. I’ve no doubt that the performance envelope will a huge improvement over previous models. Just kidding. We all know that it will be infinitesimally ‘better’. Ergo, it will be well worth the asking retail price. Yeah, no.

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