More details on new mini racing plans from Toni Sharpless

Just think: It could be you, hooning about on a minibike this riding season.

Like we told you last weekend, Toni Sharpless is up to a new project: She’s starting a mini superbike series and school. Now, here’s more details, after going through her press release.

The idea is to start riders as early as 6 years old, giving them early racing development that’s really lacking in much of Canada right now. It’ll start with the Super Sonic Road Racing School, putting riders on small-displacement mini-bikes with seat heights of 508-685 mm. The school will have the necessary safety equipment on-hand, and will teach “the science of cornering and dragging your knee on the pavement, braking techniques, race lines and strategies, or, if you already know how to Road Race you can rent our bikes to just have fun or practise your craft,” says the presser.

From what we’ve seen, the school and series will use both Ohvale mini-GP bikes, and Yamaha TTR-based supermoto machines. Full details are being sorted out, but Toni says there’s more information coming next month, so keep an eye on her Facebook page for that. She was set up at the CSBK booth at the Toronto Motorcycle Show last weekend, and no doubt she’ll be able to get some handy help from them. Presumably, there’s hope of putting together some sort of serious minibike series with tie-ins to CSBK—Toni’s Facebook page mentions both an indoor and outdoor series.

Until then, Toni’s looking for roadracing gear to set up the school, so if you’ve got leathers you’re not using, contact her through Facebook and make a deal.


  1. I’d love to race Honda GROMs or XR100s for fun. I live near Grand Bend Raceway and hope they start mini bike racing there. I watch YOUTUBE videos all the time and wow it looks fast yet safe.

    • A few years ago I talked to Ken at SOAR about running some Grom/XR100/TTR125 style endurance races like they have been doing in California (6/8/24 hours).
      He was willing to sanction, but I couldn’t find a kart track owner that was willing to rent for such an event.
      If anyone wants to do the leg work, I’ll gladly do what I can to help.
      Zac knows how to reach me.

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