Emissions docs point to new Harley-Davidson Softail

Harley-Davidson will soon be relying on part-time, seasonal workers to help it meet demand.

Emissions documents from California indicate we’ll see another entry in the Harley-Davidson Softail line this year, the new Softail Standard.

The Softail Standard was last in the Harley-Davidson lineup in 2007, and when the entire Softail line was overhauled in 2017, it wasn’t included. Since then, Harley-Davidson’s slowly been adding updated versions of past models, with similar styling to the older bikes but the new Project Rushmore chassis and Milwaukee Eight engines, and it seems that’s what is happening here.

The Standard will get the Milwaukee Eight 107 engine, so it’s not aimed at the high end of the market, and CARB has also certified the Stage 1 performance kit. Expect the new machine to break cover around Daytona Bike Week, most likely, although the Daytona-Sturgis release schedule has been thrown on its ear a bit lately.


  1. With the dyna/softail mash-up, this will be (and I’m guessing here) nothing more than a lowrider with a ducktail and 21′ front hoop.
    Hanging different parts on the same frame doesn’t really constitute a new model, but it wasn’t so bad when there were two distinct chassis from which to choose.
    12 “softails”? I use quotes because, since it’s debut, I have not been convinced that the new frame is a convincing interpretation of the hardtail look that HD is trying to emulate.
    I wish Harley would do better.

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