Details of 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball announced

The Motorcycle Cannonball has released some information about its 2020 run, and has closed registration.

The Cannonball is a coast-to-coast event that celebrates the days of early motorcycle travel, when adventurers used to cross the continent as quickly as possible in attempts to break records and generally have fun. But instead of hyperbikes or big-bore adventure tourers, the Cannonball uses the same machines those early adventurers did.

This year, the Cannonball is running pre-1930 machines, with separate classes for multi-cylinder bikes, pre-1920 bikes, and so on. The bikes have to basically be stock, with the only modifications being modern safety upgrades (i.e., functioning brakes).

While the Cannonball typically runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or vice versa, it’s running north-south this year. The event starts at Sault Ste. Marie at the Michigan-Canada border, and ends at South Padre Island, Texas. It’s a different take, but will no doubt please the Canadian entries. There’s been a strong CanCon presence at the Cannonball over the years, including some highly-placed finishers, and no doubt we’ll see them return this year.

Although registration is closed, you can get on the Cannonball’s waiting list by visiting here. This year’s run will take place Sept. 10-27, and cover 3,000-3,500 miles. More info at the Cannonball’s website.

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