More details on the Triumph Street Triple R

We’ve got a price now, for the new 2020 Triumph Street Triple R, announced yesterday.

Triumph’s got the bike on its Canadian website for $11,500, a pretty good price considering the US MSRP is $10,500. And even better, when you see the 2019 machine cost $12,650 CAD.

Where’d the savings come from? Wisely, Triumph kept most of the bike’s equipment more or less unchanged; brakes and suspension are top-shelf kit, and the bodywork wasn’t revised much. The engine is overhauled for less pollution and noise, but nothing crazy. A new exhaust and airbox completes the makeover, as we told you yesterday.

However, Triumph did put an LCD dash on the new Street Triple R; the 2019 model had a TFT screen. While the TFT is nice, it doesn’t make the bike any faster, so Triumph’s return to basic LCD display is a way to save cash without losing performance.


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