Damon says pre-sales were sold out in four days

Credit: Damon

BC-based electric motorcycle and tech startup Damon says it’s already had all its pre-sales units spoken for.

Damon came to the forefront in 2019 as a developer of motorcycle safety technology, moving on quickly to develop its own electric motorcycle design. The all-new Damon Hypersport debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, to much hype, and since then, Damon’s been saying other OEMs might be interested in incorporating its safety tech into their machines.

And, since putting its bikes up for pre-sales on its website, Damon says it sold its machines out in four days. See an interview below, for more details here.

If true, that’s a major coup for the company, but—remember that pre-sales just means Damon has money now, not functional motorcycles for sale. Its claims of a 21 kWh battery and 200-kg weight will be very difficult to meet.

However, as the video from CES shows below, Damon has built a functioning prototype, even including the adjustable controls it’s promised. So, stay tuned on this one: If the bikes are delivered more or less on time, and within the promised spec, this could be a game changer machine. However, of all the indie electric motorcycle companies out there, so far only Zero has shown long term survival capability.

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