Scoottoronto is planning another Junk Run

Do you find yourself listlessly wandering about, wondering what to do now that the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally has been cancelled?

Never fear, deranged friends! In the absence of the MBSR (the 2019 rally was the final event), Scoottoronto has stepped up. The people in that organization have decided to launch another Junk Run event, similar to the 2018 rally (more details on the 2018 Junk Run are here). Much of the plan is still up in the air, but the basic idea will remain the same: Take a scooter, and ride it along unpaved roads from Killbear to Algonquin provincial parks, on the Park to Park Trail.

That means about 180 km of trails, on step-throughs. Sounds like mad fun, and although none of the CMG staff currently has an appropriate scooter (is there really a scooter that’s even appropriate for this sort of thing?), we’ll certainly be interested in hearing more details as this plan progresses. For now, you can see the plan progress at the Scoottoronto website.

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