KTM/Husqvarna see record sales for 2019

The ever-growing Goliath that is Pierer Mobility AG saw another year of growth in 2019, selling 280,099 motorcycles between its KTM and Husqvarna sub-brands.

That’s a seven per cent increase over 2018’s sales. It was the ninth consecutive year of growth for the company, which was under the KTM Industries brand until this year, when it re-organized itself under the Pierer Mobility title. According to the company’s documents, its 2019 revenues were up four per cent over 2018, and generally speaking, its other economic indicators were all positive.

For 2020, Pierer Mobility has added Gas Gas to its lineup of companies, now selling three offroad-oriented brands. However, KTM and Husqvarna are increasingly building their street lines, and even Gas Gas will have street bikes in the future, according to internal documents.

The sales breakdown between the two companies is interesting, as KTM sold 234,449 bikes, while Husqvarna sold 45,650 machines. Given KTM’s much  broader lineup, and arguably stronger dealer network globally, this is no surprise, but expect to see Husqvarna pushed to higher numbers in coming years.

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