Zero is holding America’s “first ever Electric National” race

“If you want something done right, do it yourself,” the saying goes, and that’s what Zero is going to do. Instead of waiting for the rest of the industry to catch on to the potential of electric motorcycle racing, it’s going to run a national-level race at this winter’s The One Moto Show, in Portland, Oregon on February 8.

Or at least, Zero is calling it a national level race, billing it the “first ever Electric National” race in the USA. So far, there’s been no sign of an actual sanctioning body, though. Far as we can see, it’s going to be a flat track-style event run with the other classes at The One Pro flat track races at Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum. There’s very little information at The One’s page, simply that it’s an all-electric race, requires a 19-inch front wheel, they’re requiring expert-level riders, and entry is free upon approval.

Zero’s Facebook page says “The first ever Electric National, presented by Zero Motorcycles, is happening at this year’s The One Motorcycle Show races. National level riders on all electric motorcycles and a stacked gate of top level racers. Cash money for a prize and the glory of being the 1st ever Electric National! See you there on February 8th.⁠”

It will be very interesting to see which manufacturers and riders show up. North America just hasn’t taken to electric motorcycle racing, even though companies like now-defunct Alta have produced machines that would have easily competed with their gasoline-powered counterparts in events that suited their limitations. Maybe Zero will finally get some momentum behind this scene.


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