Zero is about to launch the SR/S electric motorcycle

Zero SR S
Zero SR S

Zero Motorcycles has teased the upcoming launch of the new SR/S battery bikeā€”but all we really know about the machine is its name.

Zero recently pulled the old “upload a photo and no details” trick this week, posting a shot of a far-away motorcycle with the words “SR/S 2.24.20” Photoshopped over the photo, as seen above. If you visit the Zero website, you can see some fuzzy video of a motorcycle surrounded by haze, and you can put your name and contact details in for a future release of information. However, there’s no other info at this point. Apparently, we’ll have to wait for February 24 for more details.

However, Asphalt & Rubber suggests this is finally the fully-faired electric superbike that Zero has been working on for months, allegedly. Last September, A&R had a photo of a fully-faired bike at Zero HQ, and now it speculates this is the machine we’re about to see released. Chances are, that’s a very good guess.

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