More bad news for Harley-Davidson in 2019’s Q4

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The results of 2019’s fourth financial quarter have arrived for Harley-Davidson, and once again, they aren’t encouraging.

For 2019’s Q4, Harley-Davidson sold fewer motorcycles than in 2018’s Q4—38,754 retail sales, as opposed to 2018’s 39,311 retail sales. Motorcycle-related revenue was $874 million for 2019’s Q4, down from $956 million in 2018, short of analysts’ predictions. Overall, that puts total Q4 revenue at $1.07 billion for 2019; Q4 revenue was $1.15 billion in 2018.

This was the fifth straight quarter of decline for Harley-Davidson.

Over the entire year, domestic sales saw a 3.1 per cent drop from 2018’s numbers. Year-end total sales were $5.36 billion, down from $5.72 billion in 2018.

Harley-Davidson says it expects 2020’s Q1 motorcycle revenue to be in the range of $1.09 billion to $1.17 billion, and $4.53 billion to $4.66 billion for the full year.

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