Jordan Szoke wraps up trip to International Island Classic

Photo: Facebook

Canadian roadracer (and bicycle racer, and trials rider, and stunt rider …) Jordan Szoke has wrapped up his first appearance at the International Island Classic in Australia, and it seems like he had a good trip.

The International Island Classic sees race teams from the UK, USA and Australia battle it out at Phillip Island, riding vintage superbikes through a series of four six-lap races. All three teams have multiple riders, and this year, Szoke was part of the Mojo Yamaha USA squad, along with Josh Hayes, Larry Pegram, Michael Gilbert, Melissa Paris and Taylor Knapp.

Szoke finished 11th, 8th, 10th and fifth in Races 1-4. It was his first time at Phillip Island, and being on relatively unfamiliar machinery and track, and also with some weather issues, there’s no doubt he’s capable of more if he returns. He said that he wants to go back, so as long as some team invites him again, who knows? Maybe it’s time to see if we can put our own Canadian team in.

Or maybe he’ll just stay there and race? He did say that “It’s amazing (Phillip Island) and I never want to go home! When you get to go around here, and if you look where we are, obviously the ocean is right there, it is so beautiful.” Sounds like he really enjoyed the trip to the legendary track, but no doubt we’ll see him back at Shannonville again this spring.

The Aussie team won the Classic, with 704 points to 691 points for Team USA and 423 points for the UK team. Alex Phillis was the highest-scoring individual racer, with 157 points. Hayes led Team USA with 154 points, good for third overall; Szoke scored 130 points, for seventh overall.


  1. Congratulations, Jordan, you did Canada proud. As for your thoughts on staying in Australia to race, I’m sure your first laps back in Shannonville on frost heaved tarmac will have quickly realize that you don’t find tracks like this anywhere else in the world, lol. Sorry Shannonville, didn’t mean to slight you as this track has launched so many race careers.

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