Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro, Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro are now here

The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro and Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro have been unveiled, but despite the flashy name, these new models are not going to revolutionize the 1100 Scrambler line into tire-shredding, rip-your-face-off roadburners.

There’s a new exhaust for the 1100 Pro model, but that’s basically it. Oh yes, and there’s new paint.

Instead, the Scrambler 1100 Pro gets basic upgrades, mostly cosmetic, and the Sport Pro version gets a decent suspension upgrade.

Both bikes get new paint, a new exhaust (a high-mount, dual-pipe setup, in keeping with the Scrambler vibe) and new, lower licence plate mount. That’s pretty much it for the 1100 Pro, but the Sport Pro model gets Ohlins suspension as well, to help it live up to its name. We haven’t seen any word on the exact deets of that setup, though (Adjustability? Which exact fork and shock? We aren’t sure.).

In case anyone didn’t know you were riding an 1100, the Sport Pro model has a tank badge to let all passersby in on the secret.

As well, the Sport Pro gets a tank badge that lets everyone know you’re riding an 1100, and its handlebars are mounted much lower than the regular Pro model. Ducati also included a set of bar-end mirrors on the Sport Pro.

At this point, the new models haven’t showed up on the Canadian Scrambler webpage yet, but we’re sure Ducati will have them here in time for the 2020 riding season.

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