Neil Peart, one of Canada’s most famous motorcyclists, has died

Neil Peart, lyricist and drummer for prog rock trio Rush, and perhaps Canada’s most famous motorcyclist, has died.

For the first few decades of his life, Peart was known for his work with Rush, earning awards for his technical proficiency and songwriting and selling millions of albums around the world. Later in his life, though, he became known to motorcyclists for his series of books detailing his travels by motorcycle.

After losing his daughter to a car accident in 1997 and his wife to cancer in 1998, Peart took several years off from performing, and instead spent a lot of time on the road aboard a BMW GS. His experiences formed the basis of his first motorcycle book, Ghost Rider. It was followed by two other motorcycling books, titled Far and Away and Far and Near.

Peart died earlier this week at the age of 67, after battling brain cancer.


  1. Sad news indeed. Neil was the epitome of class and a truly skilled and inspiring musician who also shared the passion we all share for motorcycling. RIP Neil.

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