Toronto Motorcycle Supershow runs this weekend

Photo: Supershow

The motorcycle show season is upon us, with the Supershow opening in Toronto Friday.

The Supershow will run at the International Centre, out by the airport, Friday through Sunday. The Supershow doesn’t have as strong an influence on OEM presence as the MMIC shows, but there will be plenty of motorcycles on display, as always (new-for-2020 bikes are displayed in Hall 2W and 2E).

This year, there’s live music again, freestyle stunt shows, the Motorcycle Awards of Excellence (MAX) presentation, the Canada Cup custom motorcycle competition, a used bike market, vintage and race bike displays, and plenty of vendors selling everything from bike parts to helmets to beef jerky.

Show doors are open 11 AM-9 PM Friday, 10 AM-8 PM Saturday and 10 AM-5 PM Sunday. Parking is free; ticket prices are $15 for seniors (65 and up), $20 for standard admission and $10 for youths aged 6-12. Kids under 6 get in for free, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

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  1. I know this show gets a bad rap, (or people are just cranky ’cause they can’t ride) but I always enjoy it. Mostly because it’s January and I can’t ride, so why not look and talk bikes? There was a good selection of bikes there too. The vintage section is always a great section. I have always got great deals on gear at this show. Ontario Tourism had a few booths with bike touring information. Oh yeah, I always get some great salami too!

  2. You are all so wrong. The show was great and the foot traffic was much higher than the last several years. The X games styled event was stunning. BMW chose this event to release the R18. So vendors sell cured meat, back massage units, etc who cares it fills space and they have a chance to expand their business. There also are leather and textile riding gear, helmets, tires, used and new motorcycles for sale.
    I was happy to see the large increase in interest and thankfully you bunch weren’t there to rain on the parade.
    You need to begin to understand you are no better than anybody else on this planet, you only fantasize that you are.

    • “You need to begin to understand you are no better than anybody else on this planet, you only fantasize that you are.”
      Help me understand, WTF does this statement mean exactly, in this context ? You went and had a good time, I didn’t and had a good time.
      There’s another show in T.O. the end of February with all the manufacturers attending and a whole lot less flea market atmosphere.
      See you there ?

      • I don’t go to “the pirate show”, but, sadly, the fucking idiots are still all over the real show. Last year, I parked and my pal jumped out for a fag.

        I sat in the motor and enjoyed the radio. Just then, a DODGE MINIVAN pulled in. Out jumped a bunch of fucking goofs in full pirate regalia.

        This is why I am happy about Canada’s gun laws.

  3. I think you 3 are getting this confused with the MMIC shows, which travel across the country. This one ids Toronto only it is much larger than the MMIC shows with more to see, do and buy. It has more of a flea market atmosphere.The MMIC show will be in Toronto in February.

  4. Compared to bike shows in the states this thing is a joke. Over priced and not even a show ticket draw to win anything let alone a bike for your $20. A total cash grab. Once was enough.

    • Yep same thing with the Vancouver show . Nothing I can t see in a show room and nothing worth spend 20 bucks plus the parking fee. Only reason to go is if you want in person deals on gear .

      • I enjoyed it. I am not sure if it is a good thing that many of the vintage bikes are ones I looked at through the showroom window when new. I was able to see all most of the gear, bikes and accessories in one place with one trip. I like to see that in person. The local dealers can’t afford to stock it all. However, he can probably get it for me if I know what I want. Think of the show as a walk in magazine. Some read from first word to last, others pictures only and others only parts of it. Unless we start getting a major influx of younger riders the show will eventually disappear so enjoy it while it last. A local motorcycle dealer has been running a bus to the show for years now. It saves six hours of driving in probably bad weather and gives a break from cabin fever or parked motorcycle syndrome. Spring is coming but not soon enough.

  5. If nothing else, its a good way to meet friends and talk bikes when there’s (likely) no riding outside.
    But I wish all the bike shows offered more entertainment for my $20. The stunt show has run its course. Bring back the indoor Trials – not just a fluffy demo, but a real sanctioned competition. Or electric MX / flat track. Or anything new and reimagined.

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