There’s a new Polaris Slingshot coming

Is it a motorcycle, a car, or an unthinkable hybrid? No matter what your jurisdiction’s motor vehicle department officially says, the Polaris Slingshot has been a controversial vehicle from Day 1. That hasn’t stopped Polaris from selling them, and it’s not stopping them from developing a newer version of the machine.

Details are slim (of Twiggy-like proportions!), but Polaris announced the vehicle yesterday, sort of, by displaying the following teaser video. That’s really all we have to go on now, but it certainly makes sense for Polaris to pursue the three-wheeler market. The boomer market still has plenty of  money to spend, even if they are moving away from two-wheeled bikes.

But where will Polaris take it? Can-Am’s Ryker launch brought a lower-priced option into the three-wheeler world, and no doubt that’s caught the attention of the Slingshot development team …



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