Oh good, Segway is working on an electric motorcycle

In a news bit that sounds like Friday Fudge, but isn’t, we now know that Segway is working on building an electric motorcycle.

Segway, of course, is the company that originally came to fame for its failed personal transportation device that was supposed to revolutionize foot traffic, but flopped, due to its nerdy image. Since then, it’s been looking at further entries into the field of electric transport (leaving us wondering who’s even funding it?). The Ninebot Apex Concept is one of its newest ideas.

The Ninebot Apex Concept follows the pattern that typifies the latest crop of electric motorcycle concepts: publish some impressive top speed and 0-60 mph times, and not talk too much about the battery range.

Like the Damon Hypersport Pro, the Ninebot Apex Concept will be unveiled at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


  1. Segway was purchased by Chinese company Xaiomi, or Mi for short. Considered “the Apple of China”. They make very high quality products. They make small electric bicycles, electric scooters, cellphones etc. I have a couple of their electronic gadgets. If you haven’t seen any of their products or heard of them you will soon.

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