Gear Review: Dainese Shelton D-WP Boots

Normally functional footwear finds a compromise in comfort, protection, or style. The $279.95 Dainese Shelton D-WP Boots defy this tradition. They are the first motorcycle boots I’ve ever worn that don’t actually feel, or even look (at least to the untrained eye), like motorcycle boots.

Featuring a speed-lace closure and a thin, reinforced rubber sole, they are stylish and versatile enough to wear with jeans or even something less casual. On any given day, I can find myself in jeans and a T-shirt during the workday and a suit at night, or vice versa, so if my footwear complements a wide spectrum of fashion options for business and pleasure, it means less to pack.

The soft, full-grain cowhide leather upper portion features subtle nylon ankle protection inserts and a shift guard. Thankfully, I’ve not been able to evaluate their strength and durability in a collision.

Also, I’ve not worn them while riding through a rain storm intense enough to permeate the leather or rubber membranes. They’re identified as waterproof rather than water resistant, thanks to the liner and side gaiter on the tongue, so time will tell if they truly do keep out water.

The thin rubber sole features decent traction on smooth surfaces and is flexible enough not to impede comfort while walking or riding. Not stiff or bulky, they are agile enough to easily maneuver between the foot peg and shifter of every bike I’ve ridden while wearing them.

They look good both on and off the bike. In fact, they’re versatile enough that I’ve found myself wearing them on days when I’m not even riding. That alone speaks volumes.

Shelton D-WP motorcycle boots are available in either dark brown or black (shown) in sizes 7.5-12.5. It would be enough of a challenge to find stylish Italian boots for less than $300, so their added protection is a bonus.


  1. I have to wonder at the intelligence of people wearing lace up boots on a motorcycle. Ever try to put your foot down at a stop only to catch a lace on a shifter or brake pedal? All in the name of trendy fashion……. Yikes.

    • The trick is to wear your pant leg on the outside of the boot as opposed to tucking it in. All the lace loops are then secured against catching on protruding objects.

  2. Very nice your $300 boots are stylish. Are they waterproof? Are they hot or breathable? I think you need a follow up. This article tells me nothing of what I need to know about a motorcycle boot.

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