Husqvarna says 901 Norden will enter production

Could the Norden 901 be the best-looking modern adventure bike? If the concept makes it to production, then yeah, maybe.

When Husqvarna debuted the Norden 901 at EICMA last month, it stole the show—at least, as far as adventure bike fans were concerned. The design was futuristic, but somehow retro at the same time, and with KTM’s updated 890 engine, it would have lots of power on tap.

But would Husky build the machine? It seemed likely, as Husqvarna hasn’t teased any street-legal bikes recently that it hasn’t gone ahead and later built. But there was no confirmation, until earlier today.

Today, Husqvarna issued a terse press release, saying the Norden 901 would make it to production … and that’s about it. No tech specs, no arrival timeline, no MSRP. More information is supposed to be coming, though, including the full technical run-down. With the 890 platform already in production, surely it won’t take too long to bring the 901 along right behind it.

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