Shoei announces J-Cruise II helmet

Shoei has updated its line of open-face helmets with the new J-Cruise II, taking one of its more popular models forward.

All the changes on the J-Cruise II appear to be minor, but they should add up to a decently improved helmet. Shoei has re-shaped the helmet’s shell to be more aerodynamic, which lessens wind drag and also reduces noise.  The fiberglass shell is now available in four sizes, to reduce weight (larger for larger heads, smaller for smaller heads), and flows more air due to re-design of the vents.

The shield system has also been re-designed. There’s a new, low notch that supposedly enables you to clear fogging at low speeds (there’s also compatibility with the Pinlock Evo system, so fogging shouldn’t be an issue). Both the faceshield and the internal sunshield offer protection from UV rays, and are free of optical distortion. Shoei also re-jigged the opening button for the internal sunshield.

As you’d expect, you are able to customize the fit of the J-Cruise II with a system of internal cheekpads.  Shoei has built in compatibility for the Sena SRL and SRL2 communications systems, so you don’t have to ride with an unsightly/ungainly comm set hung off the side of your helmet. There’s a new ratchet quick-close system on the J-Cruise II, and it will be available in five colours.

CMG tested the previous J-Cruise helmet in 2014, and liked it; some of the biggest gripes at that point (lack of integrated comms systems) have been addressed with the new release. So far, we haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability (US MSRP is $549), but we’re sure we’ll see it at the MMIC shows this winter, if you are curious about fit.

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