Horizons Unlimited announces details for 2020 (No Ontario meeting!)

The year is almost over, and now the travel enthusiasts at Horizons Unlimited are getting ready with plans for 2020.

Next year, the organizers say the popular HU Ontario Travellers Meeting isn’t happening, as one of the major players is planning a big trip, and won’t be able to coordinate the meeting next year. A similar fate has befallen the HU North Carolina meeting, which was a popular gathering for many Canadian adventure riders.

The good news is that HU Newfoundland is motoring ahead, with some presenters already lined up, including sometimes-CMG contributor Tammy Perry. As per the HU email:

We already have several presenters registered – Krista Austin, Tammy Perry, Annette Stout, Melanie and Greg Trup! We’re looking for submissions for travel stories, technical demos, and practical how-to sessions. Do you know someone who doesn’t necessarily ride motorcycles, but they’re a whiz with a GPS or masters of travel and life hacks? Invite them to present! We’re all here to learn from each other. Your hard-earned experiences and knowledge could be just the thing to nudge someone out on their own adventures. We want to hear from you!

If you’re interested in presenting at HU Newfoundland, click here for more deets. Horizons Unlimited is offering a discount on the sign-up fees before December 1, so you’ve got a few days left to save money, if you’re going. Click here to find out more.

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