Triumph announces 2020 pricing for Canada

The Rocket 3 GT is intended for longer-haul riding, although it's no Gold Wing, obviously.

On the heels of the EICMA show, Triumph has announced pricing for most of its 2020 lineup in Canada.

Pricing below does not include freight, dealer setup or taxes. There are still some models missing (the whole ADV lineup is gone), as they haven’t been confirmed or released for 2020 yet.

For 2020, the Street Twin 900 will cost $10,600 in Jet Black, $10,850 in Korosi Red and Matte Ironstone. The Bonneville T100 is $11,350 in Jet Black, $11,600 in Cranberry Red and $11,850 in Fusion White/Aegean Blue. The Bonneville T100 Black is $11,350 in Jet Black and $11,600 in Matte Ironstone/Matte Black.

The Street Scrambler 900 is $12,450 in Fusion White, $12,700 in Cranberry Red, $12,950 in Matte Khaki Green/Matte Aluminium.

The Bonneville T100 Bud Ekins is $11,850 in Korosi Red/Snowdonia White. The Bonneville T120 Bud Ekins comes in Snowdonia White/Korosi Red, and sells for $13,750.

The Scrambler 1200 XC – Showcase model is $16,900 for Matte Khaki Green/Brooklands Green or Jet Black/Matte Black. The standard Scrambler 1200 XC comes in the same colours, and sells for $15,200.

The Scrambler 1200 XE – Showcase is $18,100 for Cobalt Blue/Jet Black or Fusion White/Brooklands Green. The standard XE model comes in the same colours, and is priced at $16,300.

The Speed Twin 1200 is $13,400 for Jet Black paint, and $13,900 for Korosi Red/Storm Grey or Silver Ice/Storm Grey. The Bonneville T120 Ace is $14,000 for Matte Storm Grey/Matte Ironstone. The Bonneville T120 Diamond is $13,750 for Snowdonia White, and the standard Bonneville T120 is $13,250 for Jet Black, $13,500 for Silver Ice, and $13,750 for Fusion White/Aegean Blue or Storm Grey/Baja Orange. The Bonneville T120 Black is $13,250 for Jet Black and $13,500 for Matte Black.

The new Thruxton 1200 TFC is $23,500 for Carbon Black, and the Thruxton RS is $17,400 for Jet Black or Matte Storm Grey/Matte Silver Ice. The Thruxton RS – Showcase is $18,500 for the same paint colours.

The Bobber line sees the TFC model priced at $19,900 for Carbon Black/Matte Carbon Black, and the standard Bobber is $13,750 for Jet Black, $14,000 for Morello Red or Matte Khaki Green, and $14,250 for Korosi Red/Silver Ice. The Bobber Black is $14,950 for Jet Black and $15,200 for Matte Ironstone/Black Matte.

Wrapping up the retro families, the Speedmaster is $14,950 for Jet Black paint, $15,200 for Cobalt Blue, and $15,450 for Fusion White/Phantom Black.

The three-cylinder street bikes start with the Moto2 selling for $19,500 in Carbon Black/Lithium Flame. The Street Triple RS is $14,050 for Matte Black or Silver Ice.

The Speed Triple S is $16,000 for Jet Black and $16,250 for Crystal White Metallic. The Speed Triple RS is $18,300 for Matte Black or Crystal White Metallic.

The Rocket TFC is $33,000 for the Carbon Black/Matte Carbon Black model. The GT version is $26,700 for Phantom Black or Silver Ice/Storm Grey, and the standard Rocket III is $25,900 for Phantom Black or Korosi Red.

For more details visit Triumph’s website.


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