Ariel Ace Iron Horse will debut soon

The new Ariel Ace Iron Horse is slated to debut at the UK’s Motorcycle Live show, and it certainly bears little resemblance to the Ariel machines of old.

Definitely not a mechanical descendant of the Ariels of old.

The reborn Ariel marque is a great example of a zombie brand, resurrected to haul in big bucks due to a name based on past glories. Like most of the machines from these arrangements, the new Ace Iron Horse bears no resemblance to Ariels of years gone by, but it is a very complicated-looking and likely expensive motorcycle.

Ohlins suspension components are fully-adjustable.

Visually, the first thing that grabs you is the super-exposed aluminum frame, made from a process combining CNC work, hand welding, and a lot of polishing. Then there’s the girder front end, Ohlins shocks and and the V4 motor from Honda’s 1200 Interceptor. Other touches include full LED lighting, traction control, ABS, adjustable foot and hand controls, six-piston dual front brakes, and heaps of carbon-fibre bodywork. All in all, a lot of muscle on display.

Trick-looking wheels. You’re paying big money for a bike that looks good, because a Japanese superbike would out-perform it at half the price.

But does it do the average motorcyclist much good? Probably not, unless they’re willing to mortgage their house, or at least their cottage, to pay for it … MSRP is supposed to be £29,686, which works out to roughly $50,000 Canadian.


  1. to be fair Ariel has been kicking around since the early 2000s and this bike riffs off the design from their atom car rather than the square four

  2. Given the level of sophistication and materials, I’m surprised it’s not more expensive. (In the same vein as Confederate motorcycles).

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