Kawasaki teases new electric motorcycle concept

For a while now, we’ve known Kawasaki has been working on an electric sportbike. Now, we’ve got a bit of a better view of it.

Kawasaki doesn’t give much away in this video, but it certainly does pique interest with its footage of a manually-operated clutch/transmission and a thumb-operated regenerative braking system. Also, it’s very interesting to see Kawasaki say it’s been working on this stuff since the early 2000s, before Greta Thunberg was even born …

Kawasaki says the machine seen here is just a concept, but that it will influence the design of future motorcycles on the market. Stay tuned!


  1. As the owner of an electric car and a person who has had both 4 and 2 stroke motorcycles… I have to admit I have looked a my motorcycle and thought. Wow… my favorite motorcycle just might be… obsolete!

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