Triumph Bobber TFC is a factory-customized version of a factory custom

When you think about it, the Triumph Bobber is already a factory custom bike, but Triumph is taking things a step further, by introducing it to its TFC line. Does that make the Bobber TFC a factory-customized version of a factory custom? It would seem so!

Unveiled today at EICMA, the Bobber TFC has a list of decent upgrades, starting with a hot-rodded engine that boosts output by 10 hp. That should work out to roughly 87 hp, but the power should also be more usable. Triumph says horsepower and torque are both boosted right across the rev range. The improvements come from internal engine tweaks, stuff like a low-inertia crank, rare earth alternator, and so on. The mufflers are from usual Triumph collaborator Arrow.

It’s the same basic engine as the standard Bobber, but with more power, thanks to internal upgrades.

The parallel twin engine’s capacity remains at 1200 cc. Thanks to the changes to the engine, and elsewhere, the machine is now 5 kg lighter.

Now, the bike has Rain, Road and Sport riding modes, which allow the rider to tweak throttle map, ABS and traction control settings. Triumph still uses an LCD unit for display, not a TFT screen.

The suspension has also been upgraded, with fully-adjustable Ohlins forks and rear shock. Some of the bike’s bodywork and exhaust pieces have been made of carbon-fibre and the brakes have been upgraded with Brembo M50 monobloc radial calipers and radial master cylinder.

According to the spec sheets in the press release, Triumph is still working out a few more details before the bike is homologated, but we’d expect to see it here sometime in 2020. Only 750 units will be made worldwide, though, so if you want one, better talk to your dealer ASAP.


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