Kawasaki Z900 updated for 2020


Kawasaki has revised its Z900 naked bike for 2020, with new safety electronics and other updates.

The Z900 has four riding modes now, and choosing between them allows the rider to pick the level of traction control and power output they want. Sport, Road and Rain modes are pre-set from the factory, and Manual allows the rider to customize their settings. The traction control system has three levels of interference, and there’s two basic engine power delivery modes.

The electronics can be controlled by a new TFT screen, which replaces the old LCD gauges. The bike is also compatible with Kawasaki’s Rideology app.

New gauges for 2020.

The engine is now Euro5-compliant, making 123 hp at 9,500 rpm and 72 lb-ft of torque at 7700rpm.

The Z900 also gets all-round LED lighting for 2020.

The new bike hasn’t appeared on Kawasaki’s Canadian website yet, but we’d expect it here for next spring.


  1. Nice upgrades. I’d love the LED lights (the halogens on mine are terrible), and that TFT screen looks great, but I’d rather have a quickshifter than the traction control systems. It’s such a manageable throttle that I’ve never missed TCS on the Z900.

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