Kawasaki Z650 receives mild makeover for 2020

Maybe all this talk about high-horsepower Euronakeds has left you a bit down in the dumps, because you don’t have an offshore bank account to afford one? No worries, amigo, we’ve got your back. Or rather, Kawasaki does, with the Z650, which has received some updates for 2020.

When the Ninja 650 was revised to meet Euro5 emissions, we reckoned the Z650 would get the same treatment, and it has. Thanks to exhaust and airbox tweaks, the Z650 is now in line with the new regs; Kawi doesn’t make any noise about improved performance as a result of these changes, so don’t expect more horsepower or torque as a result.

Kawasaki does want you to notice the new TFT screen, as well as the fact the Z650 is now compatible with the Rideology app. The TFT unit is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can see when a call is coming in if you pair it to your mobile phone. There also appears to be some sort of GPS logging capability, but the details in the press release are rather foggy.

Other updates include new LED headlights and Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 tires, and improved passenger comfort, thanks to a wider/thicker seat.

There’s some new bodywork for next year as well, supposedly making the Z650 look more like Kawasaki’s bigger naked bikes.


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