Husqvarna shows off Norden 901 concept bike, and tweaks to current models

Could the Norden 901 be the best-looking modern adventure bike? If the concept makes it to production, then yeah, maybe.

After a few months of playing it coy, Husqvarna is showing off the Norden 901 concept bike, the first touring bike in the company’s history.

The Norden 901 seems to be based on the same engine as the KTM 890 Duke R, which is itself based on the 790 engine. Of course, it’s not really a touring bike, strictly speaking, but more of an adventure tourer. It has 21-18 wheels, WP suspension, and the presser says the engine is tuned for offroad usage. And, that’s about it. But you can see from the photo above that it’s a looker, and would no doubt be just the adventure bike that many riders are saying they want, with good on-road and off-road performance supposedly on tap.

Husky didn’t announce any ready-for-production bikes for 2020, just some tweaks to the existing lineup. For the first time, its 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro are going to come in different graphics schemes, and switchable ride modes will be standard. Lean-sensitive traction control is also standard, along with Bosch-sourced cornering ABS, and an easy-shift function. The 701 models have been around a while, and they’re not cheap, so adding those tweaks will no doubt help retain interest in those bikes.

Besides some new wheels for the 701 Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, a new subframe for the 401 models, there really wasn’t a lot else going on with Husqvarna, but considering the updates to the 701 Enduro and Supermoto, and the promising-looking Norden concept, we’d guess the future is bright for the company.

Press release


Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to lift the covers off a range of thrilling street models coming to North America for 2020 at the 2019 EICMA show in Milan, Italy – the European manufacturer’s largest display of new motorcycles since the start of their new era. This stirring array of models underline Husqvarna Motorcycles’ growing commitment to the street segment, while highlighting significant new motorsports activities and the ongoing development of all models in terms of performance, technology and design.

Center stage at EICMA will also be the new NORDEN 901 concept model. Unveiled for the first time, this new twin-cylinder motorcycle is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first-ever tourer machine. A dynamic and versatile long-distance concept, the NORDEN 901 will balance practical accessibility and comfort to suit the modern traveler.

The last three years have seen Husqvarna Motorcycles successfully return to the street segment with the VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN models. Updated for 2020, they receive new colors, trim and graphics while delivering a dynamic and fun-filled riding experience.

Leading the lineup, the 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO are thoroughly revised with new cutting-edge electronics that elevate the performance and rideability of these exciting single-cylinder motorcycles. New, ultra-modern colors and graphics also stand out on these updated machines.

Showing Husqvarna Motorcycles’ view of an adventure-touring motorcycle, the NORDEN 901 concept is a dynamic, twin-cylinder motorcycle that will feature advanced rider ergonomics and outstanding performance, based on years of rally experience, in a distinct modern design. A versatile long-distance exploration concept, it will deliver both outstanding street and off-road performance. Expect class-leading lightness and power delivery set in a versatile and accessible package, precisely arranged to allow discerning riders uncompromised exploration possibilities. Delivering effortless rideability and sensible, high-end modern equipment, this motorcycle will be used on daily commutes, extended adventures and everything in between.

• Slim and light explorer motorcycle
– 889.5 cc parallel twin engine specifically tuned for adventure usage
• Perfect balance between off-road performance and touring ability
– 21” front wheel, 18” rear
• Comfortable ergonomics and confidence inspiring handling
• High quality WP suspension components

The VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 701, now in their third and second year of production respectively, receive new colors, trim, graphics and technical details that enhance the modern look of their ground-breaking designs. The high-performance 692 cc single cylinder engine compliments the machines’ dynamic handling and exciting riding experience. Weighing only 158 kg (348 lbs) and 161 kg (354 lbs) respectively without fuel, both motorcycles feature adjustable suspension and are further highlighted by new spoked wheels and CNC-machined footrests.

• Powerful and torquey 692 cc single cylinder engine
• Dynamic, lightweight high-performance chassis
• Spoked wheels as standard
• Striking new graphics, trim and paint finish
• CNC-machined footrests
• Up/down Easy Shift

The VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 401, with their strong and tractable 373 cc single cylinder engines, are equally well suited to urban environments as they are to out-of-town riding, thanks to their dynamic chassis, accessible overall size and low weight. For 2020, both models feature a new bolt-on subframe that has been extended by 40 mm for improved pillion comfort, as well as a new, high quality paint finishes and graphics that highlight their progressive designs.

• Powerful, yet tractable, 373 cc single cylinder engine
• Extended subframe for increased pillion comfort
• Striking new graphics, trim and paint finishes
• VITPILEN 401: 151 kg (332 lbs) without fuel
• SVARTPILEN 401: 152 kg (335 lbs) without fuel
• LED headlight and tail light

On display at this year’s EICMA are also the 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO models featuring the latest cutting-edge electronic rider aids. Cornering ABS, lean angle sensitive traction control, ride modes and easy shift are featured as standard and offer the highest levels of safety matched to the highest performance. Both models are extremely well-balanced, offering outstanding levels of agility and handling. The renowned, torquey single-cylinder 692.7 cc engine features ride-by-wire throttle, offering a perfectly linear power delivery. For the first time the new machines will have their own unique progressive new graphics.

• New switchable Ride Modes – change power characteristics while riding
• New Bosch cornering ABS – lean angle specific braking technology
• New Easy Shift function – shorter shift times & improved rear wheel traction
• New lean-angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control – perfect rear wheel traction
• New graphics & slim bodywork – carefully engineered ergonomics

Accompanying all street and offroad machines, Husqvarna Motorcycles offer dedicated CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES. All functional, premium-quality CLOTHING items meet the demands of modern motorcyclists while the ACCESSORIES allow riders to customize, protect and further improve the performance of their machines.

All of the above-mentioned new models, together with the latest lineup of motocross and enduro machines, will be presented on the Husqvarna Motorcycles’ stand at the EICMA motorcycle show, booth I86, Hall 13.

For all details on availability and prices, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles Subsidiary or Importer.


  1. The Norden 901 looks very good (if not a little ’80’s/90’s Dakar) IMO. The 900 parallel twin may be a bit big for my liking, but should hit the sweet spot for many. The appearance of this model raises the question – Why does the KTM 790 have to be so ugly? looks quite promising, Husqvarna.

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