Aprilia updates RSV4 and Tuono V4 1100 Factory models

Aprilia made headlines bringing the RS660 middleweight to market today, but it also had some serious upgrades for its RSV4 and Tuono Factory models.

First, a look at the RSV4 1100 Factory.

The RSV4 1100 Factory is Aprilia’s top-shelf litrebike, and for 2020, Aprilia gave it a set of aerodynamic winglets, so it wouldn’t feel left out. Everyone’s doing it, and with Aprilia having its own MotoGP team, it certainly should have the necessary R&D worked out by now. The winglets provide downforce, preventing unwanting wheelies and other low-stability situations.

Aprilia also fitted Ohlins semi-active suspension to the RSV4 1100 Factory. The Smart EC 2.0 is supposed to help riders improve lap times over the previous Factory model; it can also be configured manually, if you think you can out-smart the computer, or you aren’t happy with its settings. Both semi-active and manual control options have three sub-maps that can be used to optimize the suspension for different track or street scenarios.

Aprilia says the Factory now makes 217 hp at 13,200 rpm, with torque hitting the ceiling at 90 lb-ft of torque at 11,00 rpm. And, naturally, it gets the latest version of the Aprilia Performance Ride Control electronics package, with six-axis IMU.

The latest APRC package gives users adjustable-on-the-fly traction control (with eight settings), three-way adjustable wheelie control (also adjustable on the fly), a quickshifter with open-throttle upshifts and downshifts, three-level launch control, a pit speed limiter, and cruise control. Cornering ABS is standard, a rear wheel lift mitigation system, and Sport, Track and Race engine maps. You can also use the bike’s Bluetooth-enabled TFT screen to control music playback and other options, although you aren’t likely to do so mid-race.

Aprilia says the Factory weighs 199 kg at the curb.

But what of the Aprilia  Tuono V4 1100 Factory, seen below?

Is Aprilia’s design staff secretly a bunch of prudes? This naked bike doesn’t look very naked!

It, too gets fancy-pants Ohlins electronic suspension like the RSV4 1100, and the latest-gen APRC electronics. As Aprilia deems this a naked bike (a bit of a stretch—check out how much plastic is on the bike!), it makes less jam than the RSV4 models. The 2020 Tuono 1100 Factory is rated at 173 hp, still enough to turn any respectable citizen into a speed-crazed, slobbering maniac, especially when you consider curb weight is a svelte 209 kg. Sure, it’s no RSV4, but it’ll still blow the doors off almost anything else on the street.


  1. Thanks for the great coverage of new models. I just wanted to mention, the Tuono Factory already has the electronic Öhlins for 2019. It’s new for the RSV4 1100 in 2020, like you mention.

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