Unobtanium, at least in Canada: Yamaha TMAX 560


The maxi-scooter scene is basically dead in Canada, and that’s too bad, as the rest of the world is still seeing interesting models, like this Yamaha TMAX 560.

To show you how hot maxi-scooters remain elsewhere, this is supposedly the seventh generation of the TMAX since its 2001 introduction, with more than 275,000 machines sold since then.

The 2020 machine gets all-new bodywork, some new lighting, suspension revisions and new CVT belt.

However, the biggest changes are to the engine itself. The parallel twin gets a 2 mm bore increase, bringing displacement to 562 cc. This results in a slight power bump (up 3.5 per cent, supposedly—the previous model made 45 hp), but also allows Yamaha to get the scooter inside Europe’s tight Euro5 emissions regs. Obviously, that means new pistons as well, and Yamaha also tweaked some other engine internals.

Alas, the Euro5 certification means Yamaha also had to bolt on a revised, bulky exhaust system, which puts the TMAX’s weight up to 218 kg, from 213 kg.

Along with the updated model, we’ve also got the following marketing video, which is perhaps suitable for Euro audiences, but unintentionally hilarious when viewed from the North American perspective, which sees scooters as decidedly non-macho.

The TMAX also has power modes and traction control, very handy stuff when navigating Europe’s slippery cobblestone streets.

Along with the updated TMAX, Yamaha also announced the TMAX Tech Max. This is an up-spec’d version of the scooter, with touring-friendly perks like cruise control, heated grips and seat, and electrically-adjustable windshield. The rear suspension is adjustable, too.

We haven’t heard so much as a peep about Canadian availability for these machines.


  1. When you buy theese machines, it’s not about preformance. It is for fontionality, i have a TMAX since 2013 go to work 5 days a week and nice ride 500 to 700 km on week-end. Hope someday Yamaha wil bring it back to Canada.

  2. Maxi scooters are not cheap in Europe either, but there are plenty in evidence. If the greater percentage of your riding is done in populated areas (i.e. Rome…) the utility they offer is great. The typically large under-seat storage space is a tremendous advantage.

    • Price is a factor. Why spend upwards of $10K for a scooter when for same amount you can get a better performing motorcycle.

  3. True that the video may appear a bit funny to North American motorcycle riders, but is it really that much different than those silly ads for adventure bikes, or scamblers? Marketing is marketing and, to me, it all looks kinda humourous.

  4. Hate to say it but the scooter scene in North America is pretty much dead or very close to it.
    Would love to get me hands on that lovely beast. But will never happen. As you stated in North America scooters are considered unmanly and a joke. What a shame.

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