MV Agusta introduces lower-priced models


MV Agusta builds expensive motorcycles, but the Italian manufacturer has introduced a series of its most popular machines at lower prices.

The new Rosso line includes remixed versions of the Turismo Veloce 800, the Brutale 800 and the Dragster 800. At their core, these bikes are basically the same machines as their previous non-Rosso versions, with the same three-cylinder engines making 110 hp, and the same electronics packages including quickshifter and Bosch 9 Plus ABS.

The Rosso line is roughly equivalent to Ducati’s “Dark” line, but with red paint instead of black paint. This is the Dragster 800 version.

MV Agusta says it’s developed simpler manufacturing process (it’s noticeable in the machining of the wheels) for the Rosso models, which has resulted in lower prices … but how much lower, we’re not sure. We don’t know if we’ll see these bikes in Canada either, although it’s likely, if MV Agusta continues its business here.

The Brutale 800 Rosso. It’s got some changes to the manufacturing process to reduce costs.

MV Agusta has also announced the Brutale SCS and Dragster SCS models. These are essentially the same as the standard Brutale and Dragster models, but with MV Agusta’s Smart Clutch System, which is an adaptation of Rekluse’s semi-auto system. This enables riders to take off from a stop without using the clutch, a welcome feature in stop-and-go traffic. It’s already available on the Turismo Veloce, so this is just technology moving laterally through the lineup.

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