Not for Canada (probably): Updated Yamaha Tracer 700


Yamaha has tweaked its Tracer 700 for 2020, although we’re unlikely to see the benefits of the updated bike.

The Tracer 700 has been on the market in overseas markets for a while now, but like many practical-ish motorcycles from Yamaha, it’s taken its time coming to Canada. As in, it isn’t for sale here yet, and most likely won’t be.

However, its 2020 updates are likely going to influence other models on our market, the MT-07 and XSR700, which all use the same liquid-cooled parallel twin as the Tracer 700. Or, they used to—the Tracer 700’s engine is updated for 2020, to meet Euro5 emissions specs. To that end, Yamaha has included new EFI tuning, revised exhaust, new ignition settings and updated intake.

Those are likely the most significant changes for 2020 from our perspective; even though we won’t get the bike, most likely we’ll see those changes on other machines in the future.

Otherwise, there’s new bodywork for 2020, new seat, revised cartridge 41 mm forks, updated windscreen, new handlebars, new LCD gauges, new LED blinkers, and R1-style headlights.


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