Harley-Davidson Livewire production resumes

We're riding the Livewire soon, and we're psyched. It's going to change the face of Harley-Davidson in a massive way.

Harley-Davidson has resumed production of its LiveWire production bike, after a short halt last week.

Last week, Harley-Davidson paused production for its new premium electric bike after discovering an issue with the battery recharging system. While the issue was sorted out, LiveWire owners were asked to recharge their bikes at a Harley-Davidson dealership with Level III charging station, instead of 110v charging at home.

Now, the plant has resumed LiveWire production. Supposedly, Harley-Davidson found a LiveWire with charging issues, but confirmed the problems were limited to that bike alone, giving everyone else the go-ahead to resume charging their bikes at home.

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