Harley-Davidson puts LiveWire production on hold


The LiveWire electric bike may be the most-hyped machine in Harley-Davidson’s lineup right now, but the company has put production on hold.

Details on the exact issue are pretty vague. The Wall Street Journal originally broke the story, saying the issue was with the bike’s 110V charging system. That’s the charger the LiveWire uses for at-home recharging, and Harley-Davidson has apparently uncovered some problem with that system.

As a result, production has been stopped while the MoCo resolves the issue, and the manufacturer has asked consumers to avoid charging their bikes at home until the situation has been figured out. Instead, they ask riders to charge their LiveWires at Harley-Davidson’s dealerships (dealerships that sell LiveWires have Level III chargers installed, so riders can recharge there).


  1. You ride to your dealer to get a charge, spend the day there buying stuff while your bike charges, and then ride home. Sounds awesome. LOL. Cam

  2. Its all just a ploy to sell you a $30,000 home charging station for your $37,000 bike. Oh wait, no one is buying the $37,000 bike. Maybe that’s why they’re taking a production break.

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