Yamaha brings out new electric prototypes

Yamaha says it’s bringing out two more electric scooter concepts to show off on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, as well as a new e-bike prototype.

The Yamaha E02 is supposed to be the equivalent of a 125 cc scooter.

The general theme here seems to be urban mobility, as all three of these EVs, plus the E-Vino (which is supposedly making its return) all appear to be optimized for short-distance commuting.

This is the E02 concept, supposed to replace a 49 cc scooter.

The E01 concept is the biggest of them all, supposedly intended to take the role of a 125 scooter, with “plenty of range, comfort and more when going from one area of the city to another.” The E02 is smaller, supposedly replacing your standard 49 cc scooter. Yamaha has not released recharge times or claimed motor output for either machine, although some of that information may be released at the show.

Looks like the E-Vino is headed to production.

The word on the street is that Yamaha is also bringing the retro-styled E-Vino back to display, as a production model. The E-Vino and the E02 are both powered by removable batteries, likely tied to Yamaha’s deal with the other Japanese manufacturers, working on swappable battery tech.

Yamaha is also planning to show off an e-bike, the YPJ-YZ (in the title image). Yamaha’s been building e-bikes for a while, and this is just the latest entry in that line. As per the marketing copy, the bike’s “mass-centralized chassis is suggestive of the engineering approach with our YZ Series of competition motocross models (locating chassis weight near the center for increased handling performance), with the down tube split in two to enclose the battery unit in a unique layout.” Hrm. More interestingly, Yamaha says the e-bike is “a new form of recreation for the future.” Looks like Yamaha’s taking this idea seriously.

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