Teen dirt bike riders rescue 90-yr-old BC man


A pair of teens out riding dirt bikes have rescued a 90-year-old man who was missing for three days.

According to CBC, Nolan Johnston and Jakob Thornton were riding their dirt bikes on a BC logging road (near Pender Harbour) when they came across 90-year-old Paul Jones. Jones had managed to get his SUV stuck, hanging above an embankment. He was unable to leave for help, and had run out of water by his second day in the woods.

Jones said he thumped on his car window when Johnston and Thornton rode by on their dirt bikes, catching their attention. They called police, which resulted in a rescue team being sent for Jones. The road was so bad that Jones figured the rescuers had to travel more than three kilometres on foot before they were able to reach his SUV. He’s lucky, because that’s not the sort of road many people are traveling for fun … unless, of course, they’re on a dirt bike!


  1. Always happy to read a news story with a happy ending – especially when it shows dirt bikes and dirt bike riders (and motorcyclists in general) in a positive light. However, I feel some critical info was missing – what kind of dirt bikes they were riding? 😉

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