Sena 10C EVO is finally here

Although Sena’s helmet cameras aren’t video industry standards in the same way Sony and GoPro’s offerings are, they’re nevertheless a well-thought-out niche product. Now, the latest and greatest version of their comm/video camera design has been released, the 10C EVO.

The 10C EVO is a continuation of the 10C line of combined action camera/helmet communicators. Previously, the Sena 10C line shot in 1080p, but the 10C EVO shoots 4K/30 fps video footage. The camera will shoot continuous footage, and also has burst mode, single shot mode, and time lapse mode. It offers voice prompts, and accepts microSD memory cards up to 128 GB

Of course, it still performs as an intercom system as well, allowing up to four users to simultaneously connect, and connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth for music or GPS navigation prompts. And, because it has this intercom system built-in, Sena is also able to include the Smart Audio Mix feature. This mixes the soundtrack from your intercom (either your voice, or whatever music is playing on your intercom) into your video.

FM radio functionality is standard.

Users can configure the 10C EVO’s video camera via a Bluetooth-connected mobile device, through the Sena Camera App. Users can also configure the comm system via the Sena Headset App.

We haven’t seen Canadian pricing yet, but this gadget is going for $399 in the US. For more details, visit Sena’s website.


  1. Reading the user manual, it appears it cannot be controlled by voice prompts. It will speak to you (voice prompts) but does not accept voice control. If you want voice control, get a Cardo instead.

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