Yamaha Canada announces more details of Tenere 700

Last week, we gave you pricing for the Tenere 700 ($11,999). Yamaha Canada has followed that information up with some more details of the bike’s availability in Canada.

Yamaha Canada says it’s now offering an early-deposit program for Canadian customers who wish to nail down their bike ahead of time. Not sure if you like the bike without seeing it in person? You might be able to see the bike ahead of its arrival in showrooms; Yamaha is planning a fall dealer tour to show off the machine.


Yamaha Motor Canada is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Ténéré 700 to the Canadian market. This versatile, midsize adventure bike was unveiled to excited Canadian dealers at our National Dealer Conference last week; an early-deposit program is in place for eager Canadian customers, and a fall dealer tour is being finalized.

For your early-bird deposit of $500, you’re guaranteed early summer 2020 delivery, an $11,999 price tag, 4.49 per cent for 60 months financing, and a Shad Zulupack waterproof bag. The offer ends December 31.

Keep an eye on Yamaha’s website for more info on the dealer tour, or pester your local Yamaha establishment. Check here for a full spec sheet for the T7.

10 thoughts on “Yamaha Canada announces more details of Tenere 700”

  1. Wow – love the bike, but outfitting it with Yamaha’s accessories will bring it into the price range of much pricier rides. Will be watching to see what other companies offer for farkles.

  2. “Obviously press releases are easier to manufacture than motorcycles but this has been ridiculous for at least a year.”
    Its was available in Europe this year, and promised for North America for at least 5 – sorry Yamaha, you dropped the ball.

  3. wet sump engine from a street bike
    isn’t a dry sump engine better for off roading ie up and down hills(super tenere dry sump)
    engine sits high in the chassis (due to large sump) High COG?

    1. Lots of wet sump engines in offroad bikes.

      Lots of dry sumps, too.

      I have both, see no difference with either, EXCEPT the dry sumps are a pain to check oil levels.

  4. While you’re there check out the available accessories.
    Pretty impressive lineup, but be prepared to take out your money gun.

    1. Actually, it’s Finally, almost, just about, inching closer to, but not quite…here.

      Obviously press releases are easier to manufacture than motorcycles but this has been ridiculous for at least a year.

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