WorkSafeBC: Deadpool 2 production staff violated safety regs in motorcycle fatality incident

WorkSafeBC has found the producers of Deadpool 2 contributed to a stuntwoman’s fatal on-set motorcycle crash by violating safety regulations.

In August 2017, stunt rider Joi Harris was killed in a crash while performing a chase scene scene for the Marvel Universe film. There was considerable controversy over the crash, as Hollywood Reporter claimed (citing both named and unnamed sources) that Harris was unqualified for the job to start with.

WorkSafeBC started an investigation then, and issued its report this week. The report found the movie’s production staff (specifically, TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd.) failed to conduct a risk assessment, failed to provide new worker orientation (it was Harris’s first-ever stunt job), had inadequate workplace set-up and planning, lacked safety headgear and failed to ensure the health and safety of workers.

As a result, the report says WorkSafeBC is considering issuing a penalty.

You can read the whole report here.


  1. So it took more than two years for the province to make these determinations…?
    Without even any courts/lawyers involved – TWO YEARS?
    Goodness me, WorkSafeBC moves pretty slowly…

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