KTM buys a chunk of GasGas


KTM’s got gas. Errr, make that GasGas.

Over last weekend, news broke that KTM had purchased a 60 per cent stake in GasGas, the Spanish manufacturer best-known for its line of trials bikes. The deal is being depicted more as a partnership, and less as a takeover or buyout, which makes sense, if you know a little history.

The last time this deal was discussed (in 2015), GasGas employees revolted and hung an effigy from a factory window, representing KTM. Presumably, cooler heads have prevailed in the following years.

The hot gossip is that this deal is intended to work on electric motorcycle technology (as well as gas-powered machines), which is of course exceedingly ironic, given the brand’s name. We’re sure we’ll hear more about this in the weeks to come, especially around the EICMA motorcycle show in November. And the deal is subject to the EU’s antitrust laws, so there may be a hitch yet — KTM’s increasing dominance in the offroad motorcycle segment may prove to be an issue for the regulators. This deal would allow control of Husaberg, Husqvarna and now the GasGas brand as well.

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