Honda brings CT125 concept bike to show circuit

Not the flashiest Honda we're expecting at EICMA, but there has certainly been a lot of interest in the new CT125 concept.

Honda is bringing out a revived postie bike design to the show circuit, based on the Grom engine.

The new CT125 concept bike looks an awful lot like the CT90 and CT110, which are famously used as mail delivery machines in other countries, and also have been pressed into round-the-world duty by Nathan Millward and other adventurers. Honda says the CT125 will debut at this year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

The original CT line was successful because it was easy to ride (semi-auto gearbox, step-through frame, low seat height), but also capable of traversing rough terrain thanks to its knobby tires. And, those old air-cooled engines were tough as nails.

Well, the Grom engine also has a reputation for toughness. Honda’s sold a pile of them over recent years, also using them to power the Wave scooter even before the Grom came out, as well as the recent Super Cub scooter.

The Super Cub scooter showed Honda’s smart enough to recognize great ideas from its past and update them for the present, with EFI and modern engine. The original CT line was much-loved for its toughness and versatility, and this new concept seems designed with the same principles in mind. If Honda follows through with a production version of this model, we’d imagine it will be a big hit with a wide variety of riders, from those who just want the nostalgic kicks, to those who want the same blend of features that the original had.


  1. I don’t know why Honda doesn’t bring in the Monkey or the Supercub into Canada. Of all the 125cc Grom engine based bikes I lust most for the CT125. Common sense has the rear wheel ABS switchable. The dual range transmission might be a nice touch. 2 li/100 km/li using regular octane gas, heading off on trails in the middle of nowhere with camping gear, food and extra fuel. On the back roads, who needs to go faster than 95kmh to have an adventure.

  2. I’ll gladly be the first in Canada to buy the CT 125. I remember the originals in the 1960’s, fun and useful. I hope Honda Canada imports it. Keep me posted please.

  3. A population of over 30 million, a extensive dealer network, and Honda Canada won’t sell us the monkey nor the Super Cub. Probably won’t get this one neither. Sold just about everywhere else in the world but not here. You can’t sell bikes if they are not available to buy……. if I was a dealer I would be losing my mind over the lost business….

  4. This seems a little bit cruel Honda.
    It appears to me that every other country but ours is riding the new Monkey and Supercub .
    Now you show us another gem we probably won’t be able to buy!

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