Yamaha announces pricing for Tenere 700

Still waiting for the Tenere 700. Stillllllll waiiiiiiting.

Finally, we have Canadian pricing for the Yamaha Tenere 700 adventure bike.

At its dealer meeting this week, Yamaha announced the Tenere 700 will sell for $11,999 in Canada. Presumably, we’ll see it on dealership floors sometime next year.

For the sake of reference, the single-cylinder KTM 690 Enduro sells for $12,899 and the single-cylinder Husqvarna 701 sells for $13,199. The parallel twin KTM 790 Adventure sells for $13,499, and the V-Strom 650 sells for $9,599.


  1. The adv market is the future judging by the parade of pannier laden beemers triumphs passing me on forestry roads.
    The easy Rider generation is fading away and the on any Sunday bunch is moving in.

  2. Go look in Europe what they are able of… comparing this to a Suzaaaaki is a shame. This will be a reliable and capable bike. They will get my deposit as soon as they release in dealer. Been waiting a long time! Off of my 690 enduro to this one…

  3. And the MT-07 on which it’s based lists for $8500. So Yamaha, what do we get for that extra $3500? Or is it just that the market will let you charge a premium for Adventure Bikes, so you might as well take full advantage.

    • The Vstrom is a great deal on the used market, fully farkled at 6500$ or so. At the 10k$ish they’re asking for a bare, new one, I think a slightly used Africa Twin, Tiger or Ténéré is a better value proposition.

  4. This reminds me of the carrot dangling from a stick to make a mule move.

    And the Tenere 700 has been dangling from the longest stick I’ve ever seen.

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