Kawasaki is supercharging a naked bike


All it takes is 11 seconds of video footage to get everyone excited, it seems.

Ever since Kawasaki released the supercharged H2 platform in 2015, the fans have wanted more, more, more. And now Kawasaki says they’re going to get what they want, with this teaser video that promises a supercharged model coming to the Z lineup.

At this point, Kawasaki makes three basic versions of the supercharged H2. There’s the H2R, which is not street-legal and must be special ordered; that’s the price you must pay if you want 310 hp. There’s also the H2, which is street-legal, but makes “only” 210 hp (and reportedly still accelerates like a rocket ship). And then there’s the H2 SX, which is a street-legal sport tourer with options for hard bags and other practical bits.

It’s possible the new Z model will be a riff on the current H2 platform, but it’s also possible Kawasaki has simply bolted a forced induction system to one of its current machines, say the Z1000. We’ll know more soon!



  1. A motorcycle as compared to a car has little or no insulation between the engine and the operator. A turbocharger concentrates heat in the exhaust manifold.

  2. I like what you thinking TK4, Lop a cylinder off, call it the new Z750, although it would prob make the same power as the current Z1000 so …. Kawasaki could make it a muscle bike like the V-Max…. Eliminator Z anybody?

  3. I’m betting more on a middleweight (650-800 ccs) – anyone want to take me up on it ?
    BTW, I have absolutely no basis for making this prognostication.

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