BRP displays electric motorcycle prototypes

Photos: Elektrek

Decades after the last Can-Am two-wheeler was built in Canada. BRP is hinting at a possible return to motorcycle development, with electric motorcycle prototypes on display at its Club BRP show in Las Vegas.

Elektrek reports BRP showed off several new electric recreational vehicles at the event, including two personal watercraft, a pair of two-wheelers and three three-wheelers.

Ryker EV

One three-wheeler appears to be similar to existing Can-Am Spyder and Ryker models. Elektrek reports it’s called the Ryker EV, but doesn’t have any other details.


BRP also showed off the eCOM, aimed at urban transportation and similar to many other concept vehicles we’ve seen over the past few years. While these bubble-style vehicles never seem to gain traction in the market, the fact that they keep re-appearing shows there’s still interest in this format.


The final three-wheeler unveiled is the TWeLVE. Elektrek says this vehicle is a leaning three-wheeler, similar to existing vehicles like the Piaggio MP3 and Yamaha Niken.

The CT1 and CT2

The two-wheelers are the CT1 and CT2, with the basic configuration of a scooter and a motorcycle. Again, there are no real details on these bikes; we don’t know range, power, battery recharge times. However, they do show BRP is working on plans for electric motorcycles, as you’d expect, after it purchased Alta assets last winter.

Remember that even if BRP does begin building electric two-wheelers, there’s no guarantee it will actually build them in Canada, as it has production facilities in Mexico and Austria.


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