Yamaha brings out a new WR250F


Yamaha has overhauled its WR250F enduro for 2020, bringing it closer to the performance level of its YZ250F MXer.

The WR250F has a backwards-oriented cylinder, just like the YZ250F, allowing for efficient intake flow. There’s a new high-compression forged piston, a new muffler, some top-end changes and other tweaks that Yamaha says mean more top-end performance, and more horsepower through the revs.

The bike should also handle differently, with airbox in front of the rider; the fuel tank is in back. The frame was adapted from the YZ250F, with modification for offroad feel. Same goes for the forks: taken from the YZ, and modded for offroad use. The skid plate is new, the seat is lower, the fuel tank is bigger, and there’s a new stator. Pricing is $9,999 plus fees, availability is late 2019. More details in the press release below:

Press release

Yamaha Reveals New 2020 WR250F

September 4, 2019 (Toronto, ON) – The Yamaha WR250F has been completely revised for 2020 to maintain its status as the machine of choice for top enduro racers and super-fast trail riders. More similar than ever to the industry-leading YZ250F motocrosser, the latest WR250F is now even better at what it has always been best at – carving through single-track trails with precision and speed.

The original WR250F carved a name for itself in the Australian bush, earning the monikers Bush Scalpel and Singletrack Express for its trail prowess. Nearly 20 years later, the WR250F continues to evolve as a top-level off-road competition motorcycle. For 2020, the evolution continues with improvements based on the latest-generation YZ250F MX machine.

Compared to the previous WR250F, the 2020 model features an engine that’s more powerful at higher rpm and delivers stronger power right through the rev range, making it a serious podium contender out of the box. The engine features a rearward-inclined cylinder and reverse cylinder head, with the airbox situated in front of the rider and the fuel tank located at the centre of the bike – a unique configuration that contributes to the bike’s mass centralization, which plays a pivotal role in achieving light and agile handling.

The WR250F’s reverse cylinder head allows the use of a straight air inlet for higher levels of intake efficiency. The innovative, centralized location of the fuel tank permits the use of a long, flat seat that allows the rider to shift body positioning quickly and easily.

Additional engine revisions include a new high-compression, forged aluminium piston, dual-electrode spark plug, redesigned muffler, revised valve angle and exhaust cam timing with an optimized balance factor – all based on the current YZ250F, but tuned for the enduro environment in which the WR250F exists.

A major goal for Yamaha developers was to provide the new WR250F with superior handling and increased steering precision while retaining high-speed stability. To achieve this, the bilateral beam frame from the YZ250F was flex-tuned for enduro riding. The KYB air-oil-separate upside-down front fork from the YZ250F was also carried over, again with enduro-specific settings to provide stable damping force. This suspension is acknowledged to be the best available on a production dirt bike and responds particularly well during the transition between the compression and rebound strokes. And, because the suspension holds up well in the stroke, ground clearance is improved over the outgoing model.

The rear shock absorber is also based on the current-gen YZ250F, with modifications to make the WR250F perform even better in its natural habitat.

The most noticeable difference between the WR250F and its YZ stablemates is its headlight, which now sits in a cowl that’s lower and closer to the rider, contributing to improved centralization and a lighter, more agile feeling on the machine.

Additional key improvements on the new 2020 Yamaha WR250F include increased fuel capacity (7.9 litres), a free-flow air filter, lighter, tougher clutch, lower, flatter seat, slimmer ergonomics and a bigger skid plate for increased engine protection.

  • New engine based on YZ250F, with enduro-specific settings for stronger and longer-lasting pulling
    power at high rpm
  • Free-flow air filter for linear response, reduced resistance and increased reliability
  • New stator for reliability at high rpm
  • Lighter, tougher clutch with easier lever pull
  • Bilateral beam frame based on latest-generation YZ250F motocrosser
  • Optimized suspension settings
  • Stronger front axle brackets for improved front-end grip feel
  • Lower, flatter seat with slimmer ergonomics and stiffer seat foam
  • Larger skid plate for increased lower engine protection
  • Larger 7.9-litre fuel tank
  • New forged aluminum sidestand
  • Sleek new headlight cowl
  • Lightweight front-wheel speed sensor eliminates the need to disconnect sensor to remove the wheel

The 2020 Yamaha WR250F comes in Yamaha Racing Blue and retails for $9,999. Delivery to dealers in Canada is expected to begin in late 2019. For more information, visit yamaha-motor.ca .

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