Aerostich releases Transit 3 all-weather leathers


Aerostich has introduced an updated version of the Transit 3 leather jacket and pants, offering waterproof leathers for motorcyclists who want the best.

Leather has long been considered the best material for motorcycle gear due to its excellent crash resistance, and many riders prefer the feel or look of leather over textile gear. Aerostich is best-known for its textile gear, but for several years was one of the few companies offering waterproof leathers as well.

While they aren’t as water-resistant as Aerostich’s textile gear, the Transit and Transit 2 suits still kept you dry on the inside, even if the outside got a little soggy in downpours. See our review of the  original Transit here; the only issue we had with the suit was water eventually coming in the collar during all-day rides.

The Transit 2 and similar suits from other manufacturers have been out of production for years, as they’ve been unable to get the Gore Tex-bonded leather required to make the suits. However, Aerostich has apparently come up with a new supplier, as a press release this week indicated it was making a Transit 3 suit. It’s the same basic idea: waterproof leathers, but now the suit is made from “all-new 1.2mm perforated, waterproof-breathable, seam-sealed leather,” as per the press release (below).

Aerostich says the new suit is more supple than the previous version. It’s got micro-vents in the leather, which are supposed to move air, and it has TF5 armour, an upgrade over the previous suits. The presser doesn’t mention price, but the Aerostich website lists the jacket at $987 US, and the pants at $897. It’s expensive stuff, but also some of the best on the market.

Unlike much of Aerostich’s product line, this is labeled as “Imported,” so it’s probably sewed in Asia.

Press release

Aerostich NEW Transit 3 Jacket & Pants – Accepting Pre-Orders Now!

After a six-year absence, Aerostich’s waterproof/breathable/seam-sealed all-leather Transit suit is back, and now it’s better than ever!

From its revolutionary introduction in 2008 through 2013 (when specialized materials became unavailable and forced its discontinuance), the Transit suit’s well-earned reputation was as the very best leather riders gear available.

The NEW Transit 3 jacket and pants suit has all the exact same functional details and features as the originals, but it uses an all-new 1.2mm perforated, waterproof-breathable, seam-sealed leather. Compared to the original it’s just as durable, and as tough, and as waterproof — and now it’s also a bit softer, more comfortable and easier to break in.

The Transit 3’s fully seam-sealed micro-perforated breathable-waterproof leather contains a permanent impregnation to keep it from absorbing water so it does not become heavy during long wet rides, and after the rain ends it dries almost immediately.

Thousands of micro-vents across the leather’s surface ensure comfort during high activity by removing excess moisture inside through a unique waterproof membrane. You’ll ride drier through rain, fog or misty conditions. The Transit also feels noticeably cooler and more comfortable under a hot direct sun compared to traditional leathers.

A complete set of fitted yet easily removable TF 5 impact armor systems — elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back — provides maximum protection with less movement restriction.

The Aerostich Transit 3 is ideally suited for every riding situation. Jacket sizes 38–52 Short, Regular and Long. Pants sizes 30–44 waist, Short, Regular and Long. Imported. Pre-order now for October 2019 delivery. Complete details, customer reviews and more at or call 800 222 1994

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