More 2020 gossip: Triumph supposedly plans new Speed Triple, Thunderbird


The moto-gossip continues to swirl ahead of show season, with the latest rumours saying Triumph also plans to introduce a new Speed Triple naked bike and Thunderbird cruiser.

Or at least, that’s what the Brit journos are saying, and who knows where they’ve heard it from? Sometimes, this gets to be a game of telephone; a dealer makes a hint, and it gets all blown out of proportion. This is quite possibly the case with the Speed Triple story.

However, the Thunderbird does indeed seem likely, as alleged government docs from the US hint at three new 2020 Thunderbird models. Discontinued since 2017, the Thunderbird cruiser was last seen in three different versions, the LT, the Storm and the Commander. While you might expect the new lineup to be powered by the T120 engine, if it does indeed arrive this fall, the document actually says it’ll have a 1700 cc engine, no doubt a variation of the previous edition.

We’d expect a styling update, although it’s possible Triumph will only re-work the engine to meet emissions testing, and release a bike that’s otherwise identical to the previous model, pictured above.

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