Roadracing roundup: Who did what in MotoAmerica?


Canadians were back in action in MotoAmerica on the weekend, and it was a decent weekend overall. And for Alex Dumas, it was more than decent, it was another highlight reel doubleheader.

Dumas won both the Twins races at the Pittsburgh round, ahead of a lot of respected and experienced riders. That means he’s got a 9-point lead over Draik Beauchamp in the standings now, for first (Beauchamp finished second in both races).

Veteran Canadian go-fast guy Darren James ended up with sixth in both Twins races, which he was pretty happy with, as his shoulder was causing him considerable grief. James’ bike had seen a lot of work since the last round, and given his mechanical woes earlier in the season combined with his physical issues, he was content with sixth and says he’s looking forward to heading to the next event in New Jersey.

Over in Supersport, Braeden Ortt was sixth in Race 1, 12th in Race 2. Tomas Casas also made the trip down to these races, finishing 17th in Race 1, and 15th in Race 2. Casas didn’t bring his litrebike down to the Pittsburgh races, and only ran in the 600 class.

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