Dunlop TT100 GP Radial offers old-school looks, modern performance


The retro motorcycle scene is demanding tires with old-school looks, and Dunlop is meeting that demand with the new TT100 GP Radial.

Although most retros like the R NineT, W800, etc., will come from the factory with decent rubber, there are riders who put more of a premium on a tire’s look rather than its performance. That’s why you’re seeing things like cruisers with knobby tires – gag! That sort of thing Just Won’t Do, for several reasons, and Dunlop has set out to offer an alternative, a tire that looks old-school but has better performance than that set of old sun-rotted Cokers.

The TT100 GP Radial has a tread pattern that looks like the old Dunlop TT100. The compound has had silica added to heat the rubber up more quickly, and polymers added to increase lifespan. Underneath the tread, the tire features Dunlop’s latest radial technology, unlike the 50-year-old TT100 design (also known as the K81 to some people). The new radial construction means the tire can meet the needs of modern high-powered retro-styled bikes, and corner more smoothly than the old bias ply design.

Initially, the new tire will be available in at least four different rear sizes, and two fronts. At this point, nobody has told us when it will be available in Canada, or given us an MSRP.

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